Monday, April 30, 2012

monday blues

blouse & flats: H&M
pants: Zara
bracelet: F21
watch: MMJ

ooooh, let's see if today will be a happy Monday.

I've been cheating with Instagram. Instead of lugging my big camera around, then putting the pictures into Photoshop to do some re-sizing and editing, all I need is an iPhone and it does it all for me in seconds. Yes, it's lazy and I'm slightly ashamed that I've resorted to these techniques.

Friday, April 27, 2012

kickin' it with TOMS

 necklace: Free People
watch: MMJ
top: Halogen (via Nordstrom)

I've had these shoes boxed up for 2 years, and now I remember why I stopped wearing them... they're hurting the backs of my feet... LIKE CRAZY! When I bought them, so many people had mentioned that it "feels like you're wearing socks!"... what lies. Oh well, they go nicely with this casual look.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

storm warning

dress: Old Navy
coat: F21
bracelet: ASOS
watch: Michale Kors

Who's crazy enough to put on a dress, spray in some hairspray, and go out during a light storm? ME! Hope you enjoy these pictures! My toes were numb after this :P

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

let's instagram!

I've been gone so long I forgot how to blog! Work has been keeping me way too busy and it makes me sad to think I haven't posted in 1.5 months. I hope to get back to that old routine again because the weather has been gorgeous & it's been inspiring my wardrobe choices.

Some recent things:
- Been going to Pop Physique classes (in Costa Mesa inside The Camp) in order to tone up for the summer! Parking is bloody awful, but the parking spots come with random, cute messages.
- Went to LACMA over the weekend and had a lovely 5 hour time there!
- I love my cat!

I hope to be back soon, but for current updates you can always follow me on Instagram!!!